Well, that’s actually my first time at an institute writing my thesis, I had no clue about the environment I was about to meet and to stay for a while. Once again I was a frightened kid on his first day at school. I must admit that I was expecting meeting some kind of ancient gods ruling the world of International Relations. I am glad I met nice and experienced persons at the Caucasus Institute.

My time there was devoted to the collection of sources for my thesis and the main purpose of my travel was fulfilled. Now I delivered the thesis and I can see the pivotal role of the Caucasus Institute for my research. My thesis analyses the Armenian foreign policy since the Armenian rejection of the Association Agreement in 2013 and the Caucasus Institute’ library was the gold mine for me. Above all, from the information I found there, I learned a method which I can use for my future research.

I also had the time to visit the wonderful Armenian countryside such as the Sevan lake, the Echmiadzin complex, the Zvartnots area, the deep dungeon in Khor Virap, the spear of Geghard and the Garni’s temple. I had the chance to visit unforgettable places but I don’t speak Armenian so I don’t remember some names. Eventually, the majestic vision of Mount Ararat is clearly imprinted in my mind. Its view from the Khor Virap monastery inspired the most emotional reaction my heart had in Armenia. God dwells on Mt Ararat.

Above all, I met persons who welcomed me there and I felt part of a big family with connections all over the world. I would dare to say that this was the most unbelievable aspect for me. As it is a research institute, I expected to meet serious people who talk just about their work, research, and international politics. The best memories I will always bear in mind are those that come from the lunches we had together and the walks around Yerevan.

I decided to try carrying on my research in the field of international relations after my time at the Caucasus Institute but my rocky road to my Ph.D. has yet to start. Once it does, I will be back in Yerevan one day.

I wish I was already back there!

Author –
Bernardo Panchetti

a graduate student at the Masaryk University, Czech Republic

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