Armenia is at the center of information warfare. This, of course, does not concern only us. Today, almost all countries are worried about the information war. Since modern technologies simplify the penetration of information flows, for this reason, false information, propaganda and manipulation technologies create problems for all societies.

The use of social media makes each country and society vulnerable. And the important thing is that these threats have long been invisible to us. This is confirmed by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, or in recent years, the aggravation of Russian-Western relations. In any case, information warfare is one of the main types of conflicts. And today, serious human and financial resources are being spent on propaganda promotion in the world.

This situation isn’t new for Armenia. Since the beginning of the 2000s, Azerbaijan has been actively using information technologies for anti-Armenian propaganda. At the initial stage, various propaganda activities were carried out by non-governmental groups. But eventually, Baku started to control, manage, and finance the propaganda tactics against Armenia and the diaspora.

Until 2009, anti-propaganda in Armenia was also implemented by various non-governmental groups that tried to do what Yerevan wasn’t doing at the official level. From 2009 the Concept of Information Security entered into force, which began to regulate the functions of the state in this area and balance the information war with Azerbaijan. Official Baku spends much more resources in this direction, but the information war requires not only money, but also intellectual potential, which allows Armenia to at least equal its positions.

Author – Samvel Martirosyan, information security expert 

The post is part of a project on Engaging society and decision-makers in dialogue for peace over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict implemented by the Caucasus Institute and funded by the UK Government’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund. The opinions and statements that are made in the publication may not coincide with the official position of the UK Government.

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