When someone changes jobs frequently, switching career lanes, they say that the person cannot find themselves. Six years ago, I might have thought of myself this way, or said so if asked about my work.

While studying at the Department of Economics and Law of the Artsakh State University, I worked as a hotel administrator. Back then, my son was 5. I participated in public activities, was an active member of various youth organizations, gave lessons of Armenian folk dance, then led a dance ensemble and conducted dance classes in rural communities (Armenian folk dance is my vocation) …

When one runs just in order to keep up with things, one stops for a moment, takes a breath, and thinks things over. One needs to move forward. Only today do I realize what my way was, with its challenges and achievements. In the summer of 2017, I decided to change my field of work. Being dynamic and adventurous, I have always strived to learn new things, a new job, new skills, trying to achieve personal growth.

I started working at The Roots Café as chef. Cooking is one of my hobbies. I got used to the café’s small kitchen and spent most of my time there. The Roots is a cultural café in Stepanakert that serves European cuisine albeit in the spirit of Artsakh hospitality. It is a unique venue for locals and guests visiting Artsakh. Here people talk about everything except politics. Here they work, sing, play and organize various types of events for various age groups.

About six months later, I was offered the job of manager at The Root, a responsible and time consuming occupation. One needs to be energetic but also, to love the job,  especially taking into account that it is a job in the service sector. This year, the Touristic Armenia magazine named The Roots among the top five restaurants in Artsakh. And this is just the beginning.

It is probably communication with all kinds of people that makes me flexible, gives me energy and inspires my team, making The Roots an integrated project. I am Ani, а dreamy girl fighting for her dreams.

Author – Ani Narimanyan, manager of “The Roots” cafe in Stepanakert

The posts by young Karabakhi women on their engagement in social, economic, political and cultural life in Karabakh are prepared in the framework of a project on Building Capacity for Societal Engagement in Nagorno-Karabakh implemented by the Caucasus Institute in partnership with Armavir Development Centre, Civil Society Institute and INTRA Mental Health Centre.

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